Workshop Facilitation

The workshop service is best for project teams who want to use EViD in a structured way and for a specific project.

Use EViD for your

Explore and design your project evaluation and get the most out of using the EViD tool with the help of one of our Workshop Facilitators! This offer includes virtual facilitation of two workshops that will help your team, and your partners and stakeholders come together to explore your project’s evaluation needs and potential and design specific evaluation activities that will form your project evaluation plan!

One of our team of experts will facilitate the delivery of two virtual workshops using the EViD tool for your project evaluation. The price includes 1 hour of preparation and 4 hours for workshop facilitation (2-hours for the Explore step and 2-hours for the Design step).

We encourage you to consider scheduling these workshops at the early stages of your project’s timeframe for the evaluation plan to be successfully embedded into the project. We also encourage members of the project team, and the project’s partners and stakeholders to participate in these workshops. A minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 10 people is best advised for this type of activity.

This service will be available starting Spring 2024.
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