About Us

Why we created EViD

EViD is the outcome of a research collaboration between academics seeking to design a virtual, visualsed, user-friendly tool aimed at revolutionising the project evaluation process.

Our research revealed a series of problems and pain points associated with project evaluation that relate to attitudes towards evaluation, lack of knowledge and expertise and lack of resources. After a 3-year period of research and testing with several user groups, we designed EViD as a solution for project evaluation!

EViD Uses:
  • A step-by-step methodology where users are guided through the process of exploring and designing project evaluations.
  • A visualised process that supports the tool's usability and efficiency.
  • A virtual format using an editable whiteboard that users can access simultaneously no matter where they are.
EViD Is Designed To:
  • Promote engagement and collaboration between team members, partners and stakeholders from the early stages of the project.
  • Make the evaluation process explicit and transparent.
  • Guide users on how to create a concrete evaluation plan with specific activities.
  • Act as a resource that users can utilise to increase their overall evaluation capacity.

Meet The Team

Meet the design and evaluation experts who developed EViD.